Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Preliminary Maimed God Business

The World of TMGS
Juan's question in my last post leads me to remind people what the map of the Maimed God's Saga Campaign looks like. As he remembered, the world map was indeed made using the Civilization III toolset, as I revealed in this post. The overall map has not changed since then.

The campaign starts in the center of the map at the village of Riverford, then moves to Navatranaasu, and then moves to the area around Waterdeep. To be clear, the map has a colorized insert of the area around Navatranaasu.

Character Creation Guide
The starting level for TMGS is 6. Enough XP will be given at the beginning of the module to bring the character to the player's choice of between levels 5 (for those who like a challenge) and 7 (for those who like it easy). However, I know there are some who like to take a character all the way from the beginning, which means you'll need to find a suitable adventure for levels 1-5. For those who are ready to start getting their character ready now, I've uploaded the character creation guide here.


Anonymous said...

Hello. Juan Valera again,

first, thanks for your fast answer.

The character creator tutorial is very interesting and rich. I though Maimed God Saga was an adventure for a party with more companions, not only with one.

I like the map, that mixes Forgotten Realms lore and Civilization. I think civ I and civ III are the best strategy games in the ages they were created (BG series, NWN series and CIV series, the best games in my opinion).

One question: What is the time of the adventure in Dale Reckoning?

Well, I think I´m going to start to create my cleric, je, je.

Good luck with the release of this fabulous adventure.

herve C said...
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herve C said...

1) I'm finishing my PHD now so while I can't betatest, I'm looking forward to playing your mod more then ever. I'm curious to see how NWN2 will feel after playing DaO.

2) The character creator guide is temporary unavailable for the moment. If you want I can put it on my hotfile account.



Tiberius209 said...


The adventure starts on 26 Eleint, 1374.


I noticed that the file was periodically unavailable today too. I'm going to periodically monitor the situation over the next couple days. If it remains an issue, I may take you up on your offer. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I get really into character creation, so the guide is nice.

I have one question about the mod: does it require SoZ?

Tiberius209 said...


Yes, it does because I've used several of the SoZ placeables and snow textures.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Finally a good reason to get SoZ, I suppose. :)