Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I've Moved

What?  Another post after all these years?  It will almost certainly be my last.  My NWN modding days are behind me, I'm afraid, although I'm still doing the odd professional job.  (And if you're a developer who'd like to hire me, shoot me an e-mail.)

In the meantime, I'm an aspiring author, and my new website is here.

Thanks to my fans for the support through the years.  It's still gratifying to see my mods mentioned on the NWN boards "best of" discussions almost ten years after I stopped making them.

FYI, YouTube user Brother Mutant73 posted a complete play-through of The Maimed God's Saga (in 29 installments) here.  I actually watched them all, and I must say, though I'd do the odd thing different today, overall it holds up very well.  I'm still very proud of it.