Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another LSS

I just decided I'm going to stop explaining away my endless delays with posting updates. Suffice it to say, I'm somewhat resigned to my life no longer being as it use to be in my twenties. Back in the days I was doing the SG series, I pretty much had one job and fun time, a good portion of which was spent modding. Now, I have two jobs (three, including Ossian), one house to maintain, two dogs, and what's left is devoted to fun. Unfortunately, that means progress can be slow at times, and there always seems to be some crisis or another. I'm beginning to contemplate the notion that TMGS will be my only individual contribution to NWN2 and maybe my last individual project at all. Eh, maybe it's pessimism. I'm crawling steadily closer, yet I still feel maddeningly far away.

At least I made good progress today, but since the last update, not so much. I've only scripted a whopping 10,000 words, although a couple of those conversations were pretty hardcore. Also - most annoyingly - as I've wended my way back through the Act II dialogs, I've found several points where I meant to add some things that I forgot to. In other words, the PC is supposed to be able to ask a character about this or that, but I never included it. So I've cleaned a lot up and also added another short dialog. All-in-all, I'm a little more that 52% done with the conversational scripting.

I understand that the next patch comes out next week. If so, I'll switch back to testing Act III and finish that up. As it is, I don't have much longer in Act II until I've progressed enough for some actual screen shots with like, action and words and stuff. But who knows if that will be before or after I officially finish Act III and burn it to a disk. As it is, you'll just have to settle for this Load Screen Sunday. It's from the upper floor interior of the abandoned lighthouse.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year Everybody!

Another year older, and hopefully another year wiser. Anyway, lots has happened since the last post - all sorts of things to fill up my day. I had several days off for Christmas and the New Year, and I was always planning to do two things: 1) clean out my garage and 2) Maimed God's Saga. Then, right as my vacation started, my car decided to crap out, and I ended up having to sell the remains of what was left and buy a new one. Then my computer decided to freak out as well, so several days were lost as I tried to resuscitate it. On top of it all, my parents very unfortunately gave me the DVDs of the first season of HBO's mini series Rome for Christmas, and that has diverted several hours of my time away from Maimed God activities. As an aside, I've only watched eight of the twelve episodes thus far, but a review will follow when I'm done.

In the middle of all that, I did manage to script about 24,000 additional words of dialog as well as several associated scripts (speak triggers and so forth), wrote an additional two dialogs that I had mysteriously forgotten, and heavily edited a third that I didn't think was up to snuff. So progress was made, but not nearly what I had hoped for. Most of that work was done on the last two days of my vacation, so I'm convinced that if I could scrounge up about three to four more days of solid work, I'd be finished with the scripting at least. Unfortunately, it's more likely to continue as a few hours here and there for at least the next two weeks.

So I just blew off two load screen Sundays, or at least one - my computer was crapped out for the other. So I'll do a Load Screen Tuesday and give you two rather dark and (hopefully) moody shots. The first is the crypt below the cathedral wherein lie the remains of the Lords of Navatranaasu.

The second load screen is for the exterior of the ruined light house across Lake Navatra from the village.