Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Big Surprise That Wasn't

Well, I'm flying through my latest testing of TMGS, and I’m reasonably pleased with the number of notes I'm taking of things to correct. There's virtually nothing left that would constitute a real bug, and I'm still well below 100 comments while being a ways into Act III. Nearly every note I've taken can be handled quickly.

My two beta testers, however, both came up with a rather nasty bug. Specifically, two small interior maps in Act III cause the game to crash in some instances. After examining the error logs, it appears that the problem isn't with the module or even with NWN2, but rather with the NWN2 call to the MicrosoftVisual Studio 2005 runtime DLL, probably during a screen draw. I'll need to hunt down exactly what the issue is, as the fact that both of my beta testers ran into the same problem is probably a sign that I'm in for a lot of grief when it's released to the general public. Funny enough, neither I nor Alazander had this issue, so it’s not universal, but there’s definitely some hardware or software configuration that doesn’t like those two maps.

Note that if anyone out there is a wiz at external API invocations and thinks they can help me track down the exact issue, I'd appreciate it. I've got both error logs.

Once I track that down, I should have a very polished version. However, I'll have plenty of time to continue testing because in what was the worst-kept big surprise of all time, I recently agreed to collaborate with StrangeCat Productions on custom music for TMGS. The process was initiated early last week, but I'm already excited about the results. I've posted a small snippet of Verona's theme (the love interest for male PCs) below.

Also, I managed to find enough pictures of a similar style on the net to make start and ending movies viable. I’ll be sure to post the start movie as soon as the music for it is ready.

So these two developments mean that the final production will have the far more professional feel I was originally hoping for. Things are looking up!


Starwars said...

Good to hear that things are going well!

I know that there have been problems in the past with really small interiors (like, the *really* small ones). I think Adam Miller had that in Dark Waters 2, can't remember if it was fixed or not. Might be that he just increased the size of the area.

Who knows if it's the same issue though.

Tiberius209 said...

Wow, Starwars, some initial testing based off your premise shows promise. One of the areas was a 1x1 and the other was a 2x1. Expanding these to 3x3 with a bunch of blank space seems to have done it. I won't be 100% convinced until we've tested a bit more, but it looks like you may be right.

Thanks for the suggestion. I would have never tried that on my own.

Kamal said...

Funnily enough, I've had the really small interiors bug as well in a 2x1 area in my own work. I finally just made it 4x4.