Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Alaska is Cold in January!

The title may seem obvious, but first-hand experience is an eye-opener regardless. I have just returned from my (hopefully) last business trip to Alaska for a while, but this one just had to come in January. I will say that -35 degrees F (-37 degrees C) with no wind feels a LOT warmer than even -5 degrees F (-20 degrees C) with a 5 mph wind!

Then there was this poor bastard. It wasn't the worst I saw, but it was the worst I saw when I had a camera handy. I can't believe people actually agree to live like this full time, but I guess the world needs all kinds. On Saturday, I woke up to -25 degrees F in Fairbanks, AK, and ended up in 75 degrees F in Melbourne, FL. That means I actually made up 100 degrees in a day. Crazy.

Maimed God's Saga
One of the benefits of my week in Alaska was that I returned with renewed fire to wrap up TMGS. I just received the detailed feedback from my first beta tester, and there are several small issues to handle. However, his wrap-up comment was as follows:

Can I also note I think is is a much stronger piece of work than the SG series despite the character restriction. By the end I was thoroughly enjoying playing the priest character!

I'm currently waiting for the feedback from my second tester, but he seems to be near the end.

In other TMGS news, I have an exciting announcement coming up, but I want to get a little further in before I reveal exactly what. If it all works out, it's going to be cool.


Josh said...

This exciting announcement wouldn't happen to have anything to do with this would it:



Anonymous said...

Nice to see this big project is close to the release. The major part of big projects never see the light.

Original music tracks? umm, that would increase the quality of the campaign ;)
"The Maiden" and "The leader of wolves" sound excellent :)

Juan Valera.

Tiberius209 said...


Yeah, it would be something to do with that. I've been busted. Essentially, my hopes for custom music have been reinstated, as has the idea of intro and ending movies.

Well, my "big announcement" next time will be a bit tepid now...

Tauschitz said...


Beta report sent to you!


lu said...

what are the "character restriction"?
and is SOZ required to play the campaign?
it looks like vety interesting campaign

Anonymous said...

not much to wait now. Your work would deserve custom music : it's been what , 3 years in the making ?


lu said...

i understood what the restriction - cliric of tyr. i dont have problem with that at all :)