Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!

Happy New Years, everyone. May 2010 be as good as 2009 if this year was good for you or better if it wasn't.

I also get to mark another year gone without TMGS seeing the light of day. The good news is that it's now close and getting closer all the time. The major bugs are all out and I don't imagine I'll need to add any more content. I like the way it plays, my alpha feedback was generally good, and I've already finished the adjustments to account for the few significant suggestions for improvement I received. I'm now to the point where I can say it will be released as soon as I am confident in its level of polish.

That's where the beta-testing comes in. Yesterday, I got the campaign to my lone beta-tester. Yup, that's all I've got for now, so most of the beta will be me, and I've simply got to take a short break before I play through it all again.

In the interim, I've been playing through SoZ again... oh, and watching football and eating, etc. And then I've received my copy of Tudors Season 3. Gotta get through that!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tiberius. Happy 2010 for you.

I hope a bid succes in TMGS and Trinity.

I´d like to ask you about the world map you´re using. It was created with civilization images, I´m right? Could you share an image of the world map with us?

Thanks in advance. My best wishes.

Juan Valera

Alexander said...

Hi Tiberius,

I would be happy to beta test if you would like another hand! I'll check back here later tonight and tomorrow to see if you want me.



Anonymous said...

Good to hear! I had actually planned on offering to be a beta tester, but at the moment, I'm so swamped I think I'd be more of a nuisance than a help, but we'll see how things go. Happy 2010!

- Alez

Tiberius209 said...


I'd be thrilled to have another pair of eyes look at my campaign and try to break it. Send me an e-mail at, and I'll send you the download links.

Thanks for the offer.

Tiberius209 said...


Understandable. Real life always seems to get in the way of important stuff like games. If things change, I'd love the help. Otherwise, the actual release can't be too far off.