Monday, April 7, 2008

A Little House Cleaning

Since the last update, I finished another map and worked quite a bit on another. Actually, I wasted a significant amount of work time on that second map because of one of the stupidest mistakes I've made in a while, but I'll detail that all next time. Hopefully, I'll wrap the map up tonight, but who knows...

My Little Medieval Poll
The poll results already look to be fairly conclusive, but I'll refrain from commenting further until it closes. To all who read, please vote if you haven't yet. Feedback like this is important to getting the type of adventures you like... eventually.

House Cleaning
It's time to overhaul my list of links, and I'm going to start with the list of blogs. As much as it pains me, I'm going to have to drop Berliad's blog from the list. As I noted back near the beginning of the year, Berliad was instrumental in my gaining notoriety back in the NWN1 days, so I'm not happy about it, but times change and people move on...

On a more positive note, as I also said recently in my discussion of the NWN Podcast team, there are all sorts of people doing things in the NWN community, many of whom I haven't really noticed before, SO... if you have a blog that's got a significant amount of NWN content on it, let me know and I'll add it to the list. Note that it doesn't have to be exclussively NWN-related (mine isn't!), but it has to have significant space devoted to NWN. As to what constitutes significant, I guess I'll know it when I see it.

The New Doctor Who Begins 4th Season
The current producer of Doctor Who is named Russell T. Davies. Yes, he was named for me... Just kidding, obviously. Anyway, let's just say that it is increasingly obvious that the other Russell Davies can not write good Doctor Who episodes, and I'm becoming increasingly suspicious that he can't write good TV at all. The episodes he pens, including the most recent lack-luster "Partners in Crime," lack imagination, fundamental understanding of science (important, I would say, in a science-fiction series), and frequently any witty dialog at all.

Luckily, next week looks to be a great improvement. It's an episode not written by Davies and set in ancient Rome! "The Fires of Pompeii" already has me excited... Come on, Saturday!


Anonymous said...

If you feel inclined Tiberius. Add Bouncy Rock!

I am going to make a huge blog and content roll for bouncy rock. I'm still trying to figure out how I want it to roll out "no pun intended"

I love the direction the poll is going!

As for Dr Who. I wanted to see the new show being done now. However I missed the first two seasons due to having an infant at home etc. I really should buy the DVD's

Happy modding with MGS :)


dirtywick said...

That is mine.

Maerduin said...

I voted Heck Yeah. I'm currently playing Medieval 2: Total War quite a bit, and while I know it's not super accurate, it is highly addictive and detailed and reminded me how great a setting the real earth in the Middle Ages really is. Also, inspired by that game and history envy I caught reading your recent posts, I've started reading a general survey of medieval history, Norman Cantor's Civilization of the Middle Ages. It's a good read and even kind of conversational, though even I've noticed some inaccuracies (in his summary of Plato and early Christianity) when he's laying the antiquity groundwork. The price you pay for readability and a survey history, I guess. ANYWAY, heck yeah.

Anonymous said...
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