Thursday, January 10, 2008

Let Me Show You My Map!

First... Farewell, Berliad
Some of you may have noticed that I link a few other NWN2 blogs on the left. For the most part, these are blogs operated by my Ossian-mates. However, there is one that isn't. That one would be Berliad's. Now, I've known for a while that Berliad's updates were... well, less than regular, but he had promised to return when he felt the urge again. Apparently, that urge will not be coming. He announced on his blog a couple days ago that he is effectively retiring from the NWN community.

I will miss Berliad. He was a tireless contributer to the community back in the closing days of NWN1 and the beginning of the NWN2 era. For me, personally, he was also important because he was the member of the Reviewers' Guild who reviewed "Saleron's Gambit: Part 3." When that review hit the Vault at the end of 2005, shortly before the release of Part 4, all hell broke loose. Though I was known in small circles prior to that, the download count really exploded afterwards, e-mails started coming in rapidly, and I never looked back. So though I credit Lebowski with pushing my modules from the very earliest days and giving me a minor amount of notoriety, it was Berliad's article that created quite a bit of buzz as I was finishing the series up.

So, Berliad, thanks for everything, and good luck in whatever you do next.

The Maimed God's Saga
As I have mentioned before, I have a little side business that I run (OK, it's not so little, but I digress...), and this past weekend was taken up with writing a major business proposal. What little time was left was devoted to making some small bit of progress on TMGS.

I can't believe it, but in all my previous updates, including my progress matrices, I had actually forgotten about a major puzzle I had planned for the VanGhaunt library! So I spent this weekend "writing" 24 books that will, in part, be the pieces of the puzzle. This actually wasn't easy because the wording in each must be exact in order for the puzzle to work... PLUS I had to write several other "normal" books for the library. And now there's actually another dialog that I need to write to implement the puzzle mechanics.

So in short, I actually blew my toolset time this weekend doing something that, for some ungodly reason, I had actually forgotten to include in all my tracking charts, spreadsheets, etc., but is nevertheless a major piece of the mystery!

Yes, this is a screenshot from the common room of the player's suite in the VanGhaunt mansion illustrating the map. I don't have any scripting implemented in the conversation, so you can see most of the possible dialog options. I haven't looked too much into the scripting, but I'm hoping to be able to access the world map from here. If this isn't possible, then the player will be able to move to any part of the area they have thus far discovered from this point. This is part of my attempt to make it easy for the players to regularly utilize their "home base," which is otherwise located in the back of the upper floor of the mansion. In addition, it serves as a point where the player will be able to discuss the overall tactical situation with the companion; there is a lot of Tancred and Verona dialog attached to this map.

Rest assured that it's not the only interesting item in the player's suite... But I'll wait on talking about the other stuff in future updates.

These past couple nights, I grabbed a little time to cruise through the hakpaks available on the Vault again, as I do every three months or so looking for new content that might be useful. I found a group of 25 additional paintings that I merged into the campaign hak that I'm using. It just took me an hour or so formatting the 2da files. Boring work, really, but the in-game results should be worth it, as there are now several new, non-standard paintings to look at. Some of them actually inspired me to write small additional dialogs.


Berliad said...


Thanks for the very kind words!

And never say never--I definitely wouldn't rule out loading up NWN2 again some day and playing, writing comments to authors, etc.

But it's been long enough that it was definitely time to face the fact that my interests, at least for now, have shifted. If nothing else, it was well past time to seek out someone to take over the character creator, as it wasn't fair to other Weave authors for me to be neglecting it like I was. I've very happy that ladydesire has agreed to take on the project.

Anyway, take care, and continued good luck with your project!

Anonymous said...

I found this blog from jclef's Ravenloft blog. I am downloading and intending to play your nwn1 series. :) I don't think there is enough time in ones life to get through all the great stories in nwn1.

I am, also watching your work for nwn2. It all looks great!

If you don't mind. I'd like to add you to our nwn2 module blob link list?

Best regards

Tiberius209 said...


No, I don't mind. In fact, if jclef had told me he was linking to mine, I'd have returned the favor. (I obviously need to look around a bit more.) I'll update my links tonight.

Hope you have fun with the SG series when you get to it.

Anonymous said...

I'm on part 2 of the series. Loving it! Your side quest are very well done as is the story. I'm having a great time. :) I'll leave feedback and vote when I'm done.

I wonder how many play nwn1 still. I may make a poll on our blog. lol