Monday, March 31, 2008

Slow Moving

Hectic, hectic, hectic... Easter last weekend and very busy on the personal front means distressingly little got done on TMGS...

Maimed God's Saga Update
Progress can be summed up with two more maps and another conversation written in Word format. One of the maps was a big one; it's the road from Waterdeep to The Bastion of the Maimed God, and it has many points of interest. A screenshot of one of the small corners of that map is included. While I don't believe the screen shot truly does the map justice, I admit I'm not 100% satisfied with it. I'm trying to decide if it's just a matter of more time needed - I've already spent ten or eleven hours - or whether it's just beyond my ability to make perfect. I'm leaning towards the former but may soon switch to the latter.I also figured out I need another map for Act III (it's getting to be huge). 15 maps are done, 3 more are started, and 2 are left.

Podcast Interview
No sooner had I given the Neverwinter Podcast crew a shout-out then they came asking for an interview. Coincidence? Who knows? What I do know is that last Friday evening was partially spent discussing topics ranging from my memories of "Saleron's Gambit" to "The Maimed God's Saga," my work with Ossian, and history-buffiness, among other general modding stuff. I've been told the interview will be released on May 2nd, so keep a look out for it then. And thanks to community member liso for the pleasant conversation and interest in my past and current work.

Musings on Future Projects
Following my last post, I began kicking around an old idea I had for a future project. Back in the concluding days of NWN1, I thought about a module set not in Faerun, but on ancient Earth in the land of "fantastical" Greece. It would have combined what we know historically about Greece with some of the mythology, so the player would traverse the streets of ancient Athens or Sparta but still encounter the sphinx, the medussa, and other such monsters in a sort of "Clash of the Titans." The idea still intrigues me, but it would require new building models, and who knows when those will appear...

Recently, I've modified the idea somewhat to consider a module set in medieval England. I don't really have a story yet. I'm no further than the setting really, and I'm actually considering several different time periods, but I find myself wondering if anyone would play it. So I'm starting to sense my first poll question... before I do any more work on the topic...


Anonymous said...

First, I love the screen shot! (but where did it go? lol

Second, it was a coincidence that you got asked to do the interview. I wanted to interview you after playing SG :) And saw the shout after the fact. lol

And Heck yes I'd play a mod in a real history setting! Fabian Cerutti did a mesh of real world history and fantasy that was just amazing (Bastards of Kosigan) And I loved it. I would have loved with out any fantasy mixed it.

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the next release! :)


Tiberius209 said...


Re: The screen shot - you managed to get here as I was posting and then re-formatting... perfect timing.

Re: Podcast - Yeah, I was wondering how "smart-allecky" to be. I toyed with the idea of saying something like "If you want to be interviewed, give a shout-out. It worked for me!" But of course that ignores that you were posting comments to the SG page weeks ago. Another case of perfect timing...

Anonymous said...

Now if I can get perfect timing down for everything else! :D

As for giving a shout out. Hmm, that could work. As long as it isn't shouting AT me! lol I have this huge list of people I'd love to interview. There is just not enough weeks in a year to grab them all. :)