Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Little Maimed Music

As promised, I have a couple of the pieces that will be in The Maimed God's Saga for general preview. There will be something on the order of twenty new pieces in TMGS, so it should sound quite different from other adventures. As a reminder, I have posted one bit of Verona's Theme before. Today, I'm going to post pieces with both deity's themes.

First up, we have a general piece that introduces a couple of the major musical themes of the module including Tyr's at about the 1:12 mark.

Second, we have the evil deity's "Doom March."

While there's a bit of work left, figuring out how to make the movies is the last thing I haven't done before. However, I think I'm pretty close with completing the opening movie. I've worked out the timing of the slides in relation to the music and now I just have to convert it to the proper format, so I think I'll be able to post that in short order. Stay tuned!


Jclef said...

I dig the tunes - very nice ambient tracks there. Sure to add some good custom flavor to the mod!

Anonymous said...

They're both enjoyable and easy to listen to. I like it.