Sunday, December 21, 2008

Load Screen Sunday Once More

As Liso so kindly reminded me, I've not done a load screen Sunday in a while, so I'll catch up in a big way today. The following three load screens are for the first and second floors of the VanGhaunt mansion and the Navatranaasu cathedral. All three are essentially screen shots I've already given months ago, but I promise that next Sunday will be something heretofore not seen. Once again, the mansion maps can be found in this post. The first floor screen is of the Gallery of the VanGhaunts and the second floor screen is the sitting room of the PC's suite.

As I said in the comment section of my last post, the bad thing about working on Act III was that I couldn't post any screen shots. A big twist occurs at the end of Act II and so anything I post from Act III is by definition a spoiler. Now that I'm back on Act II, more screen shots will be forthcoming, especially once I get most of the scripting done and I enter testing.

As for progress, this weekend I knocked out the scripting for almost 10,000 words of dialog, including Jellica's 6800+ word behemoth. That accounts for a little over 12% of Act II's total. With lots of holiday days in the very near future, I expect that I'll move fast over the next couple weeks.

And now the load screens:


Anonymous said...


I'm even more excited about all the dialog and story telling! :)

Thanks for bringing back Loading screen Sundays!

PJH said...

I really like how you pulled the orange color from the floor and also added it to the carpet by the table. This adds a punch of flare to the room.

Looking forward to seeing other accents that go well with the orange color. Any orange drapes planned to draw the eye upward?

Jazhara7 said...

A happy new year to you, Tiberius! ^_^

- :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

Wonderful job (as always), and I'm even more excited to know that the biggest part of your work is done.

Happy new year.