Sunday, February 17, 2008

Constructing Waterdeep: Part II

And an update one workday later. I got to spend about four to five hours on the map today. This was spent working on:

  • Restructuring the docks and adding ship placeables.
  • Adding about a half dozen trees.
  • Adding background buildings. Now characters will see random towers and spires in the distance as they walk through Waterdeep. On the map below, note that some of these are 1-dimensional cards that are not seen from the provided vantage point.
  • Textures. This was the big one. All the area the player can walk in and those areas viewable by the player had to be textured. This was mostly the brick roads seen, but there's a lot of overlaid cracked stone, mud, dirt, and grass in there.

Major tasks left to do:

  • 99% of the non-building placeables
  • Walkmesh shaping
  • Sounds
  • Lighting

OK, here's the picture of Waterdeep one workday later. Again, the walkable area is outlined by the red square. That little square is Fishgut Court in the northern Dock Ward for those interested. The massive building at top is the Temple of Tyr. Yes, in the Maimed God's Saga, the shadow of Tyr hangs over everything.

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