Monday, February 18, 2008

Constructing Waterdeep: Part III

The main Waterdeep map's done. Previously, I've finished two other interior Waterdeep maps, so that leaves only two more interiors and a very small exterior left to complete all the maps for this section of the adventure. I'm guessing Waterdeep will comprise about 1.25 to 1.5 hours of the campaign, after which it will switch to the environs around the city. Essentially, the character is just here to learn some information, and that means slumming it in the Dock Ward for a bit.

Creating even this minor part of a city has given me a whole new respect for the area designers in Mysteries of Westgate, and as regular readers know, I already had huge respect for them! Cities are definitely more time consuming than nature, but ultimately very rewarding.

OK, no more words. Just pictures. First we start with the statue of Piergieron the Palidinson, one of the Lords of Waterdeep.

Next it's a small side alley.

Third, we take a walk along the docks with the Temple of Tyr dominating the backdrop.

Finally, Fishgut Court at night. The building in the middle-left (with the lamp post out front) is the rough-and-tumble dock tavern called "The Keel Hauler."

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