Sunday, April 15, 2007

Joining the Rest of the World in Public Anonymity

I guess I saw Berliad and Alazander having so much fun, jealousy ensued, and I decided that I too simply must have a forum from which to rant. Ta Da! Witness the result. It is now from this point that I intend to update my NWN2 thoughts and progress on my NWN2 modules.

However, I have no intention of stopping at just Neverwinter. No, I'll post no end of nonsense in all my geeky glory. Do you want Medieval History? Too bad, you're gonna get it. Dr. Who? That's my favorite show of all time, so you're bound to get that too. Sports? Occasionally going to hit on that as well. Politics, high literature, and the fine arts? Nope, you're on the wrong blog.

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