Saturday, April 28, 2007

Chugging Along

Ossian Update
Busy day today, but not much that I can really report on. The first half was spent meeting some deadlines for Ossian doing some... uh, secret stuff. And now I get to move on to more deadlines. One wonders when Ossian will make an announcement that might interest people, but until it happens, my lips - or keyboard and mouse as the case may be - are sealed.

Medieval Europe Update
The second half of the day was spent finalizing my historiographical paper. I took most of the week off while it was peer-reviewed, but today was when I took the comments and incorporated them into the final draft. As of about ten minutes ago, that draft officially left my desk. I also spent a couple hours reviewing another student's paper on royal mistresses, but my review of that paper has now also been completed and my comments e-mailed away. So I am now officially 100% done.

The Maimed God's Saga Update
Unfortunately, the above two projects left little time for my NWN2 module, but that doesn't mean there's no news to report. A little while ago, Nicolas Hugon, the brother of fellow-Ossian member Alex 'Hugie' Hugon, e-mailed me two proposed logos for 'The Maimed God's Saga.' As it will be a cleric-class module heavily dependant on Forgotten Realms religious themes, I had originally asked him to come up with something reminiscent of medieval-style calligraphy - i.e. something similar to what old monks used to scribe into manuscripts where the first letter of every page was a complex piece of art.

I am including his design above, but he also sent a more modern design of his own as well. The first is pretty close to what I was looking for, though I would probably ask him to tweak it a bit. However, the second design looks pretty snazzy IMO. I'm probably going to mull them over for a night or two, but feel free to comment.

The Evolution of the Daleks
Well, it was probably inevitable after I raved about the opening episode of the Manahattan-based dalek two-parter last week, but the conclusion did dissappoint a bit. Once again, we got a hammy David Tennant ranting and raving about the daleks, daring them to shoot him, and generally over-acting the roll. Damn, I wish someone would tell him he does so much better when he restrains himself just a wee bit.

Then of course we got another gross example of a distressing tendency of the new series: the Doctor's reliance on his superhuman anatomy to save the day, but there's no need to delve into that whole topic.

*Sigh* What could have been...


Tom said...

Legibility of the first one is way too poor. (And yes, you can write blackletter legibly.)

Nadya said...

The second looks pretty cool and polished, the former looks a tad...odd. It might be the border that's off aesthetically, it's slightly wide for the middle. Also maybe, due to the way the writing has been arranged with the large M, it might look better a bit asymetrically? Another idea would be to put another border along the edges of the beige one, similar to the inner box (maybe leave a layer of beige in between?). This would make the centre pop and it might look better.

I normally gravitate towards sharper stuff (visuals, not stabbing objects), so maybe I'm a bit biased. Great to see your blog btw :).