Saturday, August 21, 2010

Maimed God Gets to 10+ Votes

Four days to get to 10+ votes. That's the first big milestone because it means TMGS should be in the main module list after tomorrow's update. Thanks to all who have played and left feedback/votes.

A few bugs - about 4-5 common ones - have been reported. It's annoying; not the reports, mind you, but the fact that I missed them. But then I'm forced to admit that even five bugs in a 15-hour campaign isn't attrocious. I've already fixed most of them in my home version, but I'm going to wait to get all the weekend feedback before wrapping it up and releasing the update. I'm also figuring out where the most common sticking points are, so that will help me update the hint sheet.

Thanks again to all.

Edit: And now I see TMGS listed on the right of the Vault screen in the Top 15 list, and the one that got booted off the list (i.e. the #15 module as of yesterday that is now gone) is... Mysteries of Westgate. That's a bummer...

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