Thursday, August 12, 2010

Estimate: Day R Minus 8

Tonight, my run-through of TMGS will end; I have only the final boss fight and the denouement to go. However, I've been fixing all the issues I've found as I go, so the list of things left to do after that will be very short. For the most part, I'm now playing with stuff as inconsequential as comma location in my dialogs, but I did find a couple odd events that only happen under very peculiar circumstances. So I should have all that done by tonight.

Tomorrow night I want to replay a sidequest and then fix whatever I find there. Saturday, I'll absolutely finalize all the extras and zip them up along with the music, movies, and hak pak. Sunday and Monday nights I'll devote to target-testing a couple specific situations. And Tuesday, I'll devote to ftp-ing the submission to the Vault. Give the guys there a couple days, and I'm estimating a release on Friday, August 20th.

Which makes today "R Minus 8 Day."

So those who have been waiting, clear your calendars next weekend.

To whet your apetite further, I'll give another example of the music for the campaign. There is a rather significant subplot involving a band of orcs, so this is the Orc Theme. As with all the other music, it was written by StrangeCat Productions. Enjoy.


Alazander said...

It's great to see you're about ready to launch. The NWN2 community is in for a treat next week.

Davey D said...

Woo hoo! I can't wait! Saleron's Gambit was one of my fav NWN mods.