Monday, July 5, 2010

Maimed God Intro Movie

I promised it, and here it is! I'm finally as happy with it as I can be given my limited 2D skills. I originally wanted something like the pages of an old book turning, but that would require more resources than I have. As it is, the sepia filter goes a long way towards giving the pictures an old-time flavor while actually bringing some consistency to the art. Incidentally, those of you with access to the D&D manuals may recognize some of the pictures; none of them are mine.

The music, as with all the music for TMGS, is by StrangeCat Productions.

A word about the music for TMGS. The composer may have also originally envisioned it, but I know I requested a heavy use of a chorus in the score. I originally asked for Gregorian Chant, which is primarily if not exclusively male, but that was then expanded to all ranges and genders. I have no reason to believe the Tyrran Church has music, much less that it features voices, but I think the sound of the campaign's music will evoke a religious "feel" in the average player of TMGS, and that's exactly what I was aiming for.

Two main themes are present in the movie. The first is the only one I actually wrote (and the composer was kind enough to put in.) It starts with the opening chant and is the core prayer/meditation theme. The second is Tyr's theme which starts at the frame showing the raging battle and was also featured in a track in a previous posting.

So without further ado:


Anonymous said...

Nice can't wait to play it, quick question is the maimed god saga going to be useable with kaedrins PrC pack?

Tiberius209 said...

Not currently. I may expand it later, but I'm not going to delay release for the extra testing required to verify it all works right.

Starwars said...

Very well done overall, it certainly gets one eager to play the module.

You're dead-on regarding your comments about the music. It does invoke that feeling of ancient religion (both soothing and... dangerous).

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Cool Movie!

StrangeCat Productions

Anonymous said...

Great intro.

Anonymous said...

it looks excellent! when is the release?