Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mysteries of Westgate Released!

At long last, the sordid saga of Mysteries of Westgate's release has ended, and the sordid saga of the actual campaign can begin for thousands of fans. Over the next few weeks and months, I will comment much more on various aspects of MoW, but for now I implore everyone to go download and play it already! If you like crpgs, you won't be disappointed.

And I also want to draw attention to Ossian's brand new relaunched website. Check it out when you get a chance. It's quite spiffy.

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Anonymous said...


I for one can say, if you are an RPG, this is a must play!

*puts on Ossian t-shirt she stole from Ree and celebrates all day!!* :P

The new site looks amazing!

Cheers to the next Ossian project! May it have a smooth and successful sail!