Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekly Update

No doubt it won't be long until I get to talk more in-depth about MoW here, but for now I'll have to confine my ramblings to TMGS. Speaking of which...

The most recent loadscreen is another one previously seen here, but it's one I like quite a bit. Moving into Act III, the action switches to more urban lands. This loadscreen is of Dock Street in Waterdeep with the massive cathedral of Tyr dominating the harbor skyline in the early morning.

So on to the progress. What did I get done this week? Hmmm...

XP placement - Check
Loot placement - Check
Journal scripting - Check

In addition, remember that list I spoke about last week that had three items left on it? Well it ballooned this week to ten items, although I whittled it back down to the same three from before. The last three will require a bit of creativity on my part, so I need time to sit down where I have no distractions and can just figure it out. Hopefully, I'll have a night this week because a small family emergency is going to wipe out the weekend.

All-in-all, I have to report what I've been saying for a while. The end of scripting is near. The parts are nearly all glued together. Then comes play-testing, and as I've not tested a single thing in Act II yet, I imagine the first play-through will be wretched to say the least.

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Anonymous said...


That is a fantastic screen shot! "raises hand if you need testers" I know it may spoil the whole effect of the finished module. I would like to do it anyway. if your looking for any outside volunteers!

I must admit. I am looking forward to your Tudors review almost as much as your module updates! hehe