Friday, May 2, 2008

So Much Excitement!

First things first. Today is podcast day. Drop everything right now and go here to learn more than you ever could have wanted to know about the making of "Saleron's Gambit", design choices in "The Maimed God's Saga", and... well, listen to liso and me share thoughts on medieveal (technically Renaissance) history.

So I was happy because last night I had actually cleared about two to three hours - on a weeknight, no less - to work on TMGS... I was going to get the texturing on my final map done and then start on placeable placement... and then a fire broke out in the preserve near my house... and I mean a really big one! The fireman I talked to said there were 55 fire-trucks issued to the area from the entire county. I would have taken pictures except I was too busy taking pictures of my actual house, cycling my sprinklers, and then loading all my important papers and mementos into my car.

Fortunately, the wind was blowing exactly the right direction, and my actual house was never that much in danger. Some people in the neighborhood next to mine are not so lucky, though I don't think any of the houses are unlivable. Still what a pain for them! Oh, and the fire has been put out this morning, but it was a fitful night's sleep... and yet another example of real life wiping out Maimed God time. Trust me, I would have 100 times rather had a quiet night with the toolset.

Yes, I'm Still Working on The Maimed God's Saga
With all the polling I've been doing, it occurred to me that people might be getting a bit worried I'm switching projects. Fear not; the polling is just for informational purposes. I still have months to go on TMGS, and all my actual toolset time is devoted to it at the moment. I'm committed to finishing one project before starting the next.

Speaking of Polls...
The latest poll is now closed and, as I did last time, I'm going to record the results for posterity.

Question 1: After reading the four scenarios outlined on my April 17th post, which setting would intrigue you? (You may vote more than once!)
  1. The Viking Invasion - 19 (43%)
  2. The Norman Invasion - 8 (18%)
  3. The Hundred Years' War - 10 (22%)
  4. The Wars of the Roses - 16 (36%)

Question 2: After reading the four scenarios outlined on my April 17th post, do any of these hold absolutely no interest for you? (You may vote more than once!)
  1. The Viking Invasion - 5 (20%)
  2. The Norman Invasion - 3 (12%)
  3. The Hundred Years' War - 8 (33%)
  4. The Wars of the Roses - 9 (37%)

Clearly, the two most popular choices were The Vikings and The Wars of the Roses. However, the latter also had the highest negatives, so it seems pretty cut and dry that the best positive to negative ratio was The Vikings. That gives me a direction to head, though I'll still kick things around for a couple months while I finish off TMGS.


Wyrin said...

listening to the podcast right now - interesting stuff!

Wyrin said...

so is it a good/bad thing that you don;t get to pick the era you're doing your thesis on for the historical mod?

Tiberius209 said...


I'm not sure it's good or bad. I'm familiar enough with the Viking period to feel comfortable. Also, while I have a goal of historical accuracy, I have no intention of making a documentary. I'll just get as close as I can (as I understand it) with the tools available.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Tiberius! I even listened once more once the show was released. Fantastic interview. I can't wait till you get this next project out so I can get ya back on the sound stage. :)

Still, I'll be happy with which ever history gets turned into a module.