Saturday, September 15, 2007

Act II Commenced!

But First, Let's Talk About Hugie
For the one person who has not yet heard, I invite you to head over to and check out the latest screenies for his imminent release of Moonshadows. I'd love to *guarantee* it will be a blast, but... *sniff*... someone didn't get an advanced copy...

But with him it's a pretty sure bet, so go there to check it out and then come back here.

Act I Out for a Test Drive
Two people now have Act I, and a third has been asked and (to date) not responded. I'll report further when comments have been received. Therefore, as Ossian is still not in immediate need of my services, I had another project I delved into last night. Namely:

Navatranaasu has been Built!
If only the feds put up construction as fast as I did, and I had to shape the land too!

Anyway, I've been looking forward to building this map for a long time, but I was disciplined enough to make myself finish Act I first, or at least the beta. Anyway, last night after the wife went to bed (hey, we've been married six years, and we all know how that goes...), I turned out all the lights and proceeded to make my gothic horror masterpiece.

And I am thrilled with how it turned out! So dreary, so decrepit, so rain-filled, so utterly depressing... And I cackled maniacally when I found that one of the temples was actually one with gothic architecture complete with flying buttresses. Perfection!

So there's creenies galore for all to enjoy. There's the first view of the old VanGhaunt manor as you enter town, another view across Lake Navatra, the town center, the view of town from the VanGhaunt manor, and the cathedral. Have fun!

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Alex said...

"I'd love to *guarantee* it will be a blast, but... *sniff*... someone didn't get an advanced copy..."

Heheh, er, oops! I figured that with TMGS you would be too busy...? In any event, it will be released tomorrow, so...yeah. :)

Thanks again for all the publicity help! It's much appreciated!