Sunday, August 12, 2007

Act I Wrapping Up

A big thanks to the three comments I received from the last post. I assure you that my lack of response was not for lack of interest, but rather for lack of time. In total, they've convinced me to purchase just the libraries for now and play with different sequencers when I get them in. It will be a little bit of a trial-and-error and a big learning curve, but I think the long-term benefit for my modding will be immense.

And needless to say, I'll post snippets here as I write them...

Act I Enters Alpha
I've actually been "done" with Act I for about a week. And by "done," I mean only that all the parts were in place. However, I didn't post anything as Ossian took a lot of time this week. It also looks like Ossian will take a lot of time next week as well, so progress will almost certainly be slow.

As I've mentioned before, I do a lot of work before testing, and that held true here as well. Other than a few tests on the initial map and some walkthroughs of different areas to make sure the maps looked right, I hadn't tested at all... until today.

That's right. Today, I did a couple pass-throughs and am generally pleased with what's there. There were a couple big bugs resulting from some differences between NWN1 and NWN2, but I knocked them out and was able to complete the whole act. I managed to do a little polishing and minor bug-squishing today as well.

Moving forward, the biggest single task will be all the new NWN2-style dialogs. I need to go back and add tons of animations, set some delays, and set camera angles, camera following, and so forth. The automatic dialog cutscene tool is OK so long as two characters are standing still, but I need a bit more for most of my dialogs.

TMGS Progress Matrix

TMGS Progress Report (in %)

Act I Act II Act III
Area Design 100 0 0
Dialog 100 0 0
Blueprints 100 0 0
Scripting 100 0 0
Journals 100 0 0
World Map
Intro Movie

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