Thursday, May 3, 2007

MGS Update

Riverford Complete
After much tweaking, the map for Riverford is complete and populated with merchants and peasants. A quick screenshot of the town square dominated by the Temple of Tyr for the curious.

I've also been busy with the conversations for the first couple maps. I have written every conversation except Verona's that will be needed to get the PC on their journey, though the conversations I've written since last time are only in Word right now. Last time, I talked about badly overrunning the word count for the initial conversation of the Tyrran priest, Brother Ternias. A second conversation that I had initially classified as 'Medium' (i.e. roughly 1000 words) was Brannigan, a captain you can, but don't have to, hire (remember, different paths are possible!) to take you up the River Delimbiyr. The word count in Word and in the toolset are inevitably a little different, but it looks like I'm going to come out really close to 1000 words for Brannigan. So maybe I wasn't that far off with my estimate in the beginning. Perhaps I should have initially classified Brother Ternias as a 'Large' conversation, as he is the one that will give the module's initial exposition.

Item Templates
One way I'm going to give a bit of characterization to my companions is through the inclusion of a few personal items for each in their inventories that can't be dropped. I'll also use these to create some mysteries to their characters, as some of these items will be interesting (hopefully) while providing no immediate explanation or meaningful description of the item. I've now got most of Tancred's items made up, but I'll have to post more about this next time.

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