Monday, May 7, 2007


The Maimed God's Saga Update
Finally, I was a bit ahead with Ossian's... uh, secret stuff, so I just knew I was going to have a good weekend to pull together some of The Maimed God's Saga... No dice. On Thursday, I got a call at my desk, and work went crazy. No sense reliving the nightmare, but I ended up putting in over 20 hours this weekend.

But there has still been a bit done. I finished the interior map of Riverford's Temple of Tyr and imported all conversations into the toolset. I have a wee bit of revision on one of the conversations due to a decision to change the spelling of some of my proper nouns, and then I need to add a bit of scripting to the dialogs, but that will be it for the opening scene.

In fact, I've already started on another map which will feature a major encounter, though I would call it about 33% - 40% done at most.

I know I promised some commentary on the unique items given to the companions, but I'm not ready quite yet to delve further into that, so it will have to get pushed to next time along with more screenshots.

A Word on Spoilers
I haven't worried too much about spoiler warnings until now, as I never really concern myself about giving away 'secrets' learned in the first five minutes of a module. However, work on the initial section is coming to a close, so for the time being, I'm going to try using to sections that look like this:

Tancred is actually a cross-dressing ranger who dresses his squirrel in red tutus!

If you don't wish to be spoiled, it should be easy to miss the sensitive information. If you want to see, all you need do is highlight the area to reveal what I have said. We'll see if this works.

Btw, the 'spoiler' I revealed above... is a little bit less than accurate...

Once Upon a Time
I've pretty much stayed out of the discussion of the recent module contest mostly because 1) I haven't had time to worry about it, and 2) I found the theme less than inspiring. However, after being slammed at work this weekend, I felt like cooling off by just being a player for once, and so I downloaded and played Once Upon a Time, the contest entry from my one-time 'Saleron's Gambit' beta-tester, Mungo_D. Reposting my comments from the Vault page:

Enjoyed the module. I was extremely impressed by the exterior and interior mountain maps, especially the cleverness of the latter. The opening and closing curscene was also well-done. I agree with other comments about the lack of conversation choices, but with only about a month to work, you can't do everything. Other aspects of the module clearly make up for that shortcoming.

I *am* upping my vote a tad, as I don't believe a one-month deadline module should be held to the same standards as the 'work 'til it's done' variety. By these standards, it's an excellent module.
I voted an 8.25. Congratulations to Mungo on a job well-done, and I wish him success in the contest.

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Mungo said...

Thanks, Tiberius. Glad I could distract you for a short while. :)

Looking forward to The Maimed God's Saga, but I'm trying to avoid the spoilers. I'll have to be more careful when visiting in the future...