Thursday, March 25, 2010


Playthrough - DONE
Personal Notes Addressed - DONE
Beta Feedback Received - DONE
Beta Comments Addressed - DONE
Music Received - IN PROGRESS
Music and Movie Integration - NOT STARTED
Final Playthrough - NOT STARTED

My beta testers proved quite valuable in rooting out some odd bugs resulting from a play-order I'd never think of as well as odd behavior from different machines. I've received about ten pieces of music in their final form thus far and there are at least a few left to go. I also realized that, because each of the companions has different music, I'll need to replay the campaign two more timed to make sure all of it's in place. At this point I'm not sure I'll make my May 1st goal.

Next time I'll post one of the new pieces, so stay tuned!


Marc said...

Ignore the May 1st goal -- just keep it as a marker for where you thought you'd be, instead of where you have to be. IMHO, the time allotted to get anything done generally is exceeded by the actual work that need to be done. Thanks for the update - I look forward to enjoying TMGS when you're ready to release it into the wild.

lu said...

do you need one more beta tester?