Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween Mod Revealed

Warning! Spoiler Alert! Turn Back Now to Remain Spoiler-Free!
OK, so what's my mod all about? I would call it light. Heavy-hitting drama it is not, but hopefully people will find it a fun little romp.

The crux is that the player must enter a land of fiction to beat fictional villains, the greatest of which is Count Dracula, created and brought to life from the vast number of stories from the mind of the master-bard named Tiberius. Tiberius, obviously, is a good guy, so he was forced to create these monstrosities. Once in the land of fiction, the character makes his or her way up to Dracula's castle where there exists a series of puzzles that must be overcome before reaching the climactic showdown.

However, just as Tiberius created the fictional villains, so can he also create fictional heroes to aid the player, preferably heroes from his own stories. Thereafter the player can search through his manuscripts to find the following three potential companions:

Tancred of Calimport from "The Maimed God's Saga"
Yes, the intrepid ranger is temporarily taken away from Navatranaasu to aid in the battle against Dracula, and he brings his snarkiness with him!

Charissa Maernos from "Mysteries of Westgate"
Alan Miranda at Ossian was kind enough to let me use the companion I wrote for "Mysteries of Westgate," and so here comes the Tyrran priestess with an attitude. Who would have ever thought that the average NWN2 gamer would have traveled with Charissa here first!

And yes, Saleron Pymnot from "Saleron's Gambit"
OK, so I couldn't do this without the wiz, so he finally made the jump from NWN1 to part deux.

Here's a shot as the group approaches Dracula's Castle.

I took care that each companion had something to say about each puzzle. Some are helpful hints and clues, many are not. Here Tancred gives his input about the Modern Prometheus (aka the Frankenstein Monster)

And then some are just blatant excuses for more companion banter... like this exchange in Dracula's study.

So I'm not going to give away any of the jokes and/or puzzle solutions, so that's it for a preview. Hopefully, people will enjoy the 45-60 minutes it will take to complete this mod, and I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.


Alez said...

My inner fangirl just screamed when she saw Saleron. :D And Tancred looks promising, too. Sounds like a really fun little module and I'm looking forward to it!

Josh said...

Great looking stuff, Tiberius. Looks like you went way beyond what everyone else will do, which is awesome! :)

I have a similar concept, but mine is much shorter as I do have other responsibilities with another module that I have to take into consideration as well. Misery Stone's release is only a few months away, so it needs its attention as well. Its almost like crunch time gaming development-wise.

Jason said...

I hope you don't mind, but I couldn't resist downloading and playing it after I uploaded my contribution. Consider it a beta test, which went through perfectly BTW.

Anyway, I LOL'd several times in the introduction. The entire module was brilliant and enjoyable. Nice work. Makes me really eager for Maimed God Saga and the rest of the Halloween modules.


Tiberius209 said...


I think you'll be happy, though I do stress that this mod is not high drama... mostly inside jokes and goofing on CRPGs with only the slightest of plots... although now I get to do it all through Saleron's acerbic wit (as well as the other two companions' unique viewpoints).


From the looks of things, it seems that a lot of people did elaborate submissions. And yes, it was quite the crunch given other constraints. I can 't wait to see how this all turns out.


Maimed God? Oh, I do still have that. I haven't worked on it in a month or so, but it looks like some time is freeing up soon. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully others will to. Fingers crossed!

Alez said...

Don't worry, I'm not expecting an epic module. :D But I love Halloween and I love Saleron, so I think it will be a fun diversion. The entire project sounds pretty neat, and I'm looking forward to it when it's all put together.

I admit that my interest in this project went up when I saw Saleron, though. :P What can I say; he's one of my favorite characters ever. Short or goofy as the mod is, I know I'll enjoy it. :)

Jazhara7 said...


Kidding. Of course I mean "Saleron", and even if the diminutive would be "Sally", I wouldn't think of actually calling him that (my character Derne might though, if he calls her "Pooh-farmer" again. :P). Though he got off lucky. The diminutive form of "Bishop" from the OC would be "Bishie". :P

Hey there, I just completed the Saleron's Gambit modules recently, and, having really enjoyed them dropped in to see what you're working on right now. I'm definitely going to play that Halloween module of yours, and not just because of Saleron (though he's an added plus. ^_^ But I trust your work to be good on its own. :) ).

By the way, and please don't throw something after me in case you've heard the question are lot, are you still planning on working on that sequel to Saleron's Gambit? I won't lie to you it's not because of Saleron, because that does play a part in my hope for it to happen, but it's also like I mentioned faith in your good work, as well as my wish to see my addiction to good stories satisfied - I'm a hopeless story-junkie, you see. I am suffering withdrawal symptoms from the end of Saleron's Gambit right now, which shows in a slight depression, showing that it really was a *good* story. I'm starting to cheer up again, luckily (it's been a few days since I finished), but still, I'd like to see that sequel.

Okay, not-so-rabid fangirl out. ;P

- :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

congrats on the submission Tiberious!

I would also like to mention. the Halloween module was uploaded to the vault very late/early last night, or is that this morning? hehe either way. We will all be seeing it soon!!!