Sunday, October 21, 2007

NWN2: Mysteries of Westgate! (MoW)

Before being brought on board for this effort, I knew nothing about the city of Westgate, having spent most of my Forgotten Realms life on the Sword Coast. However, the Dragon Coast has made a nice little switch, and I thought I'd provide a bit of background on the setting for the soon-to-be most talked about event in the NWN2 multiverse.

I've included a close up of Westgate's part of Faerun and a map of the city itself. It's interesting for me to gaze at that map and see where we placed a bunch of... uh, secret stuff.

I want to say that I was blown away the first time I played through the campaign. The talent in the team is amazing. I even wrote to Alazander shortly after my first play-through absolutely commending the area designers. In fact, I then wrote each of them a congratulatory e-mail as well. Personally, I've always thought I lacked a bit with area design, but I have definitely been putting some of their ideas to use in some of my Maimed God maps.

On one of the Bioboard forums, Alazander said:

We have several new monsters, some of which have never been seen in a D & D CRPG before.
And the initial announcement mentioned a new sewer tileset, so I'm not revealing any secrets when I say that there is some nice new custom content. That added to the talent of our area designers means that you will be blown away visually. I had seen all the stuff in the toolset before playing, and I still had my breath - almost literally - taken away the first time I walked through the streets of Westgate.

And that's not to say that other areas of the campaign aren't top-notch either. The writing and quest design is outstanding if I do say so myself... *ahem* In all seriousness, given my preference for mod building myself, I've been woefully lacking in actually playing any, so it was a treat to see first-hand what some of the best known modders in the community can do. Um, for completeness, that would be Alazander, Hugie, and Mat Jobe (of Dastard's Morrow fame) who shared design and writing duties with me.

I struggled to find some background information on the net about Westgate. I found a brief synopsis here that gives a basic background and won't take too long to read.

The rough-and-tumble city will soon be brought to life NWN2 style. I would say people would be more than justified in getting excited about now.

The Maimed God's Saga
Yes, I still owe pictures of the interior of the lighthouse. It is very cool, but I've always said it needs it's own post, so it gets pushed again.


Lariam said...

Congrats on getting this project finished, Tiberius. I really look forward to playing MoW one day. It's an incredible group of builders/writers/etc. that Ossian has had collaborating here. And Westgate is a very cool setting, too. Cheers...

oldgamer said...

Hello there,

thats awsome and I'm so much looking forward to get my hands on this Adventure Pack. I took the liberty and posted a short article about your fine work on my blog From now on you have a regular visitor on your site. Greetings from good ol Europe,