Sunday, July 15, 2007

Big Progress (Sort of)

A Little Scare
Sorry for the lack of updates. I had some exciting news to release to the world, but then we had a bit of a scare regarding said news that threw last weekend into complete turmoil. I was an emotional wreck last Sunday and Monday. Luckily, we seem to have come through the scare OK, but I'm going to have to defer writing about the entire affair until a later time, as we are still mulling over legal recourse and I'd hate to put things in writing quite yet.

Ossian Update
Suffice it to say that there were a slew of deadlines last weekend for Ossian that I just blew off as a result. I've managed to catch up on that front luckily.

The Maimed God's Saga
Side Quest
So progress on TMGS hasn't been as quick as I'd like either, but there are several things to report. First, after further examination of my storyboard, I've cut the potential sidequest I discussed last time. Everything seems to have enough "meat" as is.

I've managed to write an additional seven conversations, though the scripting has not been finished for any of them. I've also added over 4000 words to Tancred's dialog, bringing his total thus far to 7868. I'm getting close enough to finishing that monstrosity that I can project with fair confidence that his dialog for Act I alone will hit right on 11,000 words.

I also cut out one very short dialog, bringing the total needed for Act I down to 20. All-in-all, I've now completed 16.7 of the 20 dialogs I'll need for Act I, accounting for a cool 54.7% of the writing. The big reason the percentage is so low is because I'm also estimating 11,000 words for Verona's dialog, and I haven't even started that yet. So I could finish everyone's dialog but hers and still only have about 67% of the writing done.

World Map
I started looking into the World Map for the entire campaign, and I've made up the following two options. The first was made in the Civilization III map editor, and the second with the NWN2 toolset. I may also load Heroes of Might and Magic III back onto my machine and see what a map made with that editor looks like. I've provided an example of a HoMM III map for reference. They tend to have much richer colors with a highly-fantastical feel to the icons.

Please feel free to comment on any of them. I know which I'm leaning to, but I can certainly still be persuaded.

Total Progress
Updating my progress matrix from last time, I now stand at the following:

TMGS Progress Report (in %)

Act I Act II Act III
Area Design 100 0 0
Dialog 55 0 0
Scripting 35 0 0
Journals 0 0 0
World Map
Intro Movie


Berliad said...

I'd probably favor the Civ map, as it has a certain grandeur to it that the others do not. Though I might recommend using a different font that better fits the feel of the map (or your mod). :) -B

Alex said...

I agree with Berliad--the top one looks the best by far (IMO). :) Great job, and hope all's well!

Maerduin said...