Monday, June 25, 2007

Mucho Progress

The Maimed God's Saga
Well, this weekend saw a bit of a lull in my Ossian commitments, so I really poured on the effort with The Maimed God's Saga. The list of accomplishments for Friday-Sunday is:

  • Completely wrote four conversations from scratch
  • Completed all the scripting for six dialogs (including the four from above)
  • Added ~ 800 words to Tancred's dialog (now up to ~3700 words - and not nearly done!)
  • Finished a dozen or so non-dialog related scripts
  • Made up about 20 item and creature blueprints
  • Finalized plans and details for the only key sidequest of Part I that had not been planned yet
  • Made one tiny map from scratch
  • Got about 75% done with one of the really major maps that remained
All-in-all not much to offer in a screenshot, but a ton of work completed. Looking at the list of things left to do, I'm convinced that I could be in alpha-testing of part one with about three more solid weekends like last one. I would never have said something like that before last weekend, but it was amazing how fast I was putting stuff behind me!

However, Ossian will certainly come calling in the future, so it may be a total of six weekends for me to get three to actually work on Maimed God.


Alex said...

Great news! Sounds like you were really cruising. :)

Out of curiosity, did you ever play the old RPG called "Summoner"? I think it came out in 2000 or so for the PS2 and the PC...just asking because there was a fairly central character in the game named Tancred. Man, I loved that game! If I had tons of free time, I'd love to remake it. :)

Tiberius209 said...

No, Alex, never played the game.

There are a number of historical Tancreds, the most famous of which is probably the one who participated in the First Crusade.

I just think the name sounds manly, though I don't sound very manly talking about how manly other things sound...

OK, I'll stop now.

Alex said...

Haha, alright gotcha. :)