Sunday, April 26, 2009

Playing Through Act II

Mysteries of Westgate
Well, I probably won't post again before Wednesday, so I'll just again remind everyone that Mysteries of Westgate, the most exciting NWN2 experience ever, is due for release this coming Wednesday, April 29th. I'll also tell everyone to check out Ossian's exciting newly-revamped site... but it launches tomorrow so wait a day. It won't be long until MoW news will be everywhere.

As an aside, Alazander had a magnificent post about the MoW and DRM "controversy" a few days ago. I suggest those who haven't have a read. It pretty much summarizes my thoughts on the subject.

The Maimed God's Saga
My Act II play-through, polishing, and bug-squashing crusade proceeds, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how much of it works. That may sound odd, but there's really no end of stupid things I can do (or forget to do) to break a mod, and I really didn't test anything prior to this past weekend. The worst part of the testing so far was that a number of the placeables that could be "talked to" weren't firing their conversations, mostly because the walk-mesh wouldn't allow the PC to get close enough, but that's all been worked through.

There was a question after my last post as to the length of TMGS. I've played through Act I a ton, and can say with certainty it is about 1.5 hours long. Act III is about 3.5 hours long. I've played through only a fraction of Act II, and I've already hit 3 hours of actual play-time. In all liklihood, Act II will come in at around 8-10 hours, making the total campaign around 13-15 hours.

To be honest, there is starting to be a slight doubt in my mind, though. I'm going to have to play through a little longer and get the core worked out a bit more before I decide to act, but I kind of think Act II might be a bit too linear for my taste. It's really supposed to be a wide-open investigation into the cause of the VanGhaunt curse, but it's not quite feeling that way yet. Maybe it's because I know too much about how it's put together and am just working my way through all the campaign events in a very methodical manner. As I said, I'll give it more time before I do any restructuring.

And now for an actual in-game screenshot, the first one from Act II and the first one period in several months (not including load screens). As regular readers may remember, TMGS started out as an aborted novel. What may not be known is that I had named the cleric protagonist in that novel Sheridan Steele. By the way, to tie this in with MoW, Sheridan is, in many ways, my inspiration for Charissa Maernos, but how that came to pass is another long story.

Anyway all my play-throughs are with a cleric with the name Sheridan. In this scene, Sheridan and her ranger guide (and future love interest) Tancred arrive at the VanGhaunt mansion for the first time and have a look around. More soon, but for now, Enjoy!

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