Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's March

The Maimed God's Saga
My work on the Maimed God's Saga since the last update can be summed up in two words: two maps. One I'll keep under wraps for now; the second is the exterior grounds of what I've called "The Bastion of the Maimed God." This is a building / institution of my own making that I'm sure will cause Forgotten Realms purists to absolutely foam at the mouth. Oh, well. I'm not about to let established lore get in the way of the story I want to tell... and this particular institution doesn't really trash Realmslore so much as it adds something non-canonical.

The Bastion of the Maimed God is the central temple compound of the Tyrran church, at least in the region of the upper Sword Coast. It is here that councils are held, decisions are made on church orthodoxy, leadership is elected, and most other important church high functions are carried out. Other cathedrals, such as that in Waterdeep already depicted, can be quite impressive, but The Bastion of the Maimed God is the very heart of the church. Think of it as St. Peters for the Tyrran church.

I've located The Bastion up the River Dessarin from Waterdeep, near where the river turns sharply north. In the provided pictures, there is a big event occurring today, for merchants by the droves have come to hawk their wares and knights and nobility have arrived from far and wide, their brightly-colored banners flapping amidst the tent city they are forced to quarter in for lack of space inside.

Three pictures. The first is a toolset-level shot to provide the overall layout. The second is the approach to the cathedral / fortress that is the Bastion of the Maimed God. The third is the tent city on the outskirts.

Charissa Maernos
As I mentioned before, RPG Vault has recently released another developer diary outlining the three companions available in Westgate. In my previous postings, I only mentioned them as a group, but recently Luke Scull revealed on his page that he was responsible for writing the fallen-paladin, Mantides. So what the heck... I'll go ahead and admit to writing Charissa Maernos. (By the way, by process of elimination, everyone can probably now figure out which one of the companions our third writer, Mat Jobe, wrote.)

I'm actually proud of Charissa; she's by far the most layered companion / henchman I've ever written, though the layers aren't forced on you. Players who don't tend to talk to the companions very often will just get the core personality traits, but those who do take the time to talk a bit with her may see a surprisingly complex character.

I'll probably reveal more about her creation as time goes on; I'm not sure what kind of "behind the scenes" stuff I can reveal, so I'll just keep quiet for now... not to mention people have to have some reason for returning here. Hopefully, after release, we'll be able to talk much more freely without wondering if we've let some cat that we shouldn't have out of the bag.

That said, I'll give one tidbit here and now. In the earliest drafts, Charissa was a follower of Lathander, but after fleshing out the character and discussing her place in the story with Luke, he suggested the very change I'd been reluctantly "feeling" for some time... that she actually be a follower of Tyr. I didn't say anything at the time, but with "The Maimed God's Saga" pre-planning finished and my having already written the first draft of up to Chapter 3 (TMGS was originally supposed to be a novel), I was less than enthused about writing another Tyrran. But such is fate. Mine was to eat, sleep, and breathe the Tyrran mindset for a year... and counting.

Westgate Promotion
I've been recently green-lighted by The Powers That Be at Ossian to release some new material about Mysteries of Westgate. I'm still getting it together, but in the coming day or so, I'll be posting details on the BioBoards. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Diggin the screenies. I really like the tent camp outside the castle.

I'm avoiding any info on MoW! I want the element of surprise when I play it :)

Keep up the great work!


Maerduin said...

I like the tents too. They have a very authentic medieval look. Not that I would know, never having been to a medieval tent city myself--but at least that's what it would look like in my imagination.

Tiberius209 said...

Thanks, both... let's just say that, to the best of my understanding, the tents are very "movie medieval."