Monday, May 21, 2007

Worn Out

The title says it all... I am utterly exhausted by the number of projects I have going on right now. Regarding the ones most readers are interested in:

Ossian Update
Naturally, I can't say much, but I just finished another huge chunk of work. Luke (Alazander) has promised on a couple occasions now that an announcement is imminent. My guess is that the announcement is very imminent. Let me be clear that while I obviously know what that announcement will be, I have no firm information on the timing (else this very post would be a violation of the big ol' NDA I signed). In this, I am guessing like everyone else. However, knowing that Luke's been promising it for a while and seeing the deadlines that have just passed, I'm just saying people might want to keep their ears peeled...

And I hope I'm right. After all, I'm heading to Portugal for two weeks starting a week from tomorrow. I'd hate to think that the announcement would be made while I'm gone and then I'd be wondering how the buzz is going...

Oh, who am I kidding? Once I'm in Portugal, I won't be giving two seconds of thought to any of this! But in all seriousness I'm hoping the timing works out so that I can participate in both.

The Maimed God's Saga
I did start the internal map for the Hall of the Mountain King, but I've been so snowed under by Ossian that there's essentially nothing new to report. Moving on...

HoF Interview
Well, I received my interview form over the weekend containing 13 questions. I haven't gotten to them yet, obviously, with all that's going on, but I intend to over the next day or two.

I also sent away 6 questions to be combined with my co-interviewer to Fester Pot for his awe-inspiring magnum opus, Almraiven. My questions were all very general, as I wanted to carefully avoid leading him along. However, I've requested a round of follow-ups with him once he answers the general questions so that I can dig deeper. It will take a while with my upcoming trip mucking up the timing, but it should be interesting once completed.

The Academy of Modding Excellence (AME)
Stop the presses! The current buzz, which everyone reading this simply must have heard about by now is the formation of the Academy of Modding Excellence (AME) being formed by some nebulous group with the purpose of mimicking the Oscars for NWN modules. This looks to have been in the works for months, but the story seems to have broken big when fellow Ossian-mate, Hugie "outed" the group in his blog.

Now I guess words like "nebulous", "outed", and so forth make it seem like I'm against the idea. That's not entirely true. I realize that I'm not the most plugged-in builder in the community, but I am fairly active, and I'm surprised that I had never even heard of this effort before last week.

A quick perusal of the group's message board indicates that there will be 21 members voting on different module categories. On the plus side, (1) this voting format is a great step up from current module voting and even the oft-abused MotY polling, and (2) the initial membership seems to be taking the subject very seriously.

The negatives are myriad and well documented on the Bioboard thread devoted to the subject. For my own part, I understand the need for keeping the voting membership secret; it's entirely necessary to keep the voters from being pressured to vote a certain way. However, I'd be lying if I said the secrecy isn't unnerving, especially given that the very existence of the group wasn't widely known prior to last Friday. I'd also like to see the membership expanded beyond 21 in an effort to dilute whatever individual politicking may occur, though that may be unrealistic. I have no idea how difficult it is getting even 21 people to do it. And then, of course, there's the fact that the selection of the 21 invites seems to be entirely the purview of a single person, albeit there was some discussion in an open forum.

As I said, the initial invitees - those like Hugie who have identified themselves - seem to be very interested in maintaining the "academy's" integrity, and all of them either have impeccable reputations or are (for me, anyway) unknowns. However, it is inevitable that initial members will drop out, and others will be asked to replace them... Well, I guess we'll deal with that if and when the situation arises.

So count me as a skeptical supporter of the endeavor... for now.


Lariam said...

Very imminent? Okay, I'll start the almost constant refreshing of...hmmmm...the Ossian and the Vault webpages soon. And of the NWN2 forums, too, just in case, as well as some of the blogs. Oh, but I already do all that.

Have a nice trip to Portugal.

Alex said...

"Impeccable reputation", eh? I kinda like the sound of that. ;)

I echo Lariam; have a fantastic time!